Orchestra of Harmonicas of Ponte de Sor - Portugal  
Orquestra de Harmónicas de Ponte de Sor


- The orchestra was founded in November 1942 under the name Mindagos. After some years of inactivity it came back in 1977 with 15 elements. A year later it changes its name to Orquestra de Harmónicas de Ponte de Sor.

- On November 11, 1992 it was legally constituted.

- We do not charge any cachet for our performances and we live on the support given by the following institutions and enterprises: Câmara Municipal de Ponte de Sor, Junta de Freguesia de Ponte de Sor, INATEL, Leadersor.

- We have already released 1 single, 1 LP, 2 cassettes and 1 CD (in 2003).

- Every year on December 1st, at 00:00 hours, we go through the streets of Ponte de Sor playing the Hino da Restauração (our restoration anthem). Today the orchestra is formed by 18 elements.

Registo de Pessoa Colectiva nº 503103357, com estatuto de Associação Cultural, de acordo com publicação no Diário da República III Série, nº 153 de 2 de Julho de 1993, representada pela sua Direcção.

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